Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wasted...

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend. Oh, this weekend...I may have ended up a little wastey-faced on Saturday.

Homemade sangria and staw-ber-rita's by the pool will do that to a girl. 

We went to the ranch Saturday for a baby shower/family get-together. Cody's cousin's wife is having a baby in September. They live about 6 hours away, so we don't get to see them too often. We had a good time!

I posted on Instagram {shellynobelly} that I was super nervous because I had to be in a bathing suit. Well, it wasn't so bad. I survived and nobody gouged their eyes out. Cody kept reassuring me I looked great. Thank goodness for such a sweet husband! I'm thinking about posting a swimsuit pic right before we go to the beach in a few weeks...I dunno, still thinking on it...

My nephew decided to jump in the baby pool.

She was eventually trying to give the crawfish kisses...

I may have ate my weight in chocolate cake and hot dogs. Being in a bikini doesn't really stop this girl from eating...

While we were having a good time at the ranch, Little Man was on a road-trip with his dad. They went to Kansas City and St. Louis for baseball games. I think by the look on his face, they were having a good time!

I had to take Evie-girl to the doctor this morning. Something bit her and she had a reaction. We're thinking maybe a spider. Anyways, they gave her a steroid shot and some antibiotics. The rest of today will be a lazy day with us cuddled up watching movies. She is on-the-go constantly, so I'll take any snuggle time she's willing to give, ha!

Tonight, it's hot dogs, with nitrates {*gasp*} for supper. Tomorrow, it's back to eating good, wholesome foods. I'm not too worried.

Hope you have a great Monday!

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Finding a skinnier me said...

I always think a little slipping isn't a bad thing! :-) Sounds like a great weekend!!

Taylor LeMay said...

You look like you had a great weekend and heck yes you should post a pic, you should be proud of the work youve done!! And hotdogs for dinner...peshhh...I might even cut mine up in mac and cheese tonight :) haha j/k - maybe for the hubs and the kid!