Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life Lately.

It's been a crazy summer. I know you didn't expect less from me. It's chaotic around here and I love it. Seriously.

I can't believe my little man will start Kindergarten next Monday. Crazy to think that my 3 pound 3.5 ounce preemie is a big boy now. Little Miss starts Parent's Day Out next Tuesday. She is a sassy little tomboy who loves dolls and digging in the dirt. 

Cody is currently closing his store down and will move to a new store {an hour away} September 2nd. I'll admit, I'm not the praying type but I have prayed daily that this be a stepping stone for his career. We may not think it's the right choice but hopefully some doors will open and his career will take off. Someone in corporate has my husbands career in their hands. It's the not knowing that is the most difficult part in this whole process.

Then there's me. I haven't been going to Crossfit {I start back next week} and I haven't been working out either. About 2 weeks ago, I started itching again. This time I broke out in hives on my neck and upper back. The itching stayed, so back to the doctor I went. I've been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. Basically, I break out in hives and itch and they don't know why. Awesome. I've been prescribed an Epipen, given a handful of anti-histamines, and need to figure out my triggers. So far, I've figured out gluten and heat/sun exposure are the biggest ones. Oh, and they can change. How great is that?! Not. I was tested for other auto-immune disorders but everything came back negative. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! I'm just crazy, which we knew already.

I've read a few blogs and articles that people with CIU have had success eating Paleo. Keeping the grains, soy, dairy, etc out has suppressed the itching and they are able to take their anti-histamines only when needed. I'm will to try anything at this point for my sanity's sake.

What does this mean for my blog?

Well, I'm not 100% sure yet. I've thought about buying different products and reviewing them for y'all. I know how much it sucks to think about spending $8 on brownie mix when you don't even know if it will taste like shit or actually be good. I've also found several gluten free blogs and may try their recipes and let y'all know how it went. I usually see more than 3 ingredients and if it's anything strange {tapioca starch, anyone?} I immediately look for something else. Maybe it's time to branch out though. Maybe I'll find I love like cooking even if it's just a little bit.

I may change my look too. I feel like this blog will be going in a new direction and I need something fresh.

This is all pretty new to me. When I was doing the Whole30, it was because I wanted to. I could've gone back to eating breads and pastas {and I did}. Now, I have to read every label and I have to tell the people at restaurants that it's an allergy, so they can follow their protocol. It's not as fun as it was when I was doing it "just because".

Anyways, I'll be posting here and there. Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation Time!

Hey gals {and guys?}

I'm going to Port Aransas on Thursday. I'm taking this week off because I'm OCD and need to make sure I get everything perfectly packed and my house squeaky clean. 

While I'm away, head over and read some of my favorite blogs :)


I'll see y'all next week!
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Rock. 'Nuff Said.

My eating has been sub-par the last few days and we go to the beach in a week. I could be down on myself and think about how I won't have that smokin' hott bod in my bikini or I could just be happy.

I'm choosing to be happy.

Last summer when we went to the beach, I weighed 164 pounds. I was miserable. My bikini was too small. {Yeah, I totally wore a bikini.} I really didn't let anyone take pictures of me. My mom got a few side shots when I wasn't looking and I have yet to see them. Everyone had family sessions done on the beach {in regular clothes} except our family. I threw a shit-fit the day of the pictures. I have a tendency to act like a brat and I totally did that day. All because of my insecurities. I have no pictures of our family at the beach for our first family vacation because I thought I was too fat. I thought I wasn't good enough. 

That makes me sad.

This year, even though I don't have abs or toned arms, I'm choosing to walk out on that beach with confidence. I couldn't care less what anyone thinks because all that matters is what I think. 

I happen to think I rock. I think I have put in a shit-ton of work since January to get where I am today. I think even though my eating sucks sometimes, I do pretty damn well most of the time. This is coming from the girl who used to stand and eat in the kitchen when everyone else was in bed and when sneaking a bite of strawberry cake meant eating most of it, then trying to shamefully hide the evidence by throwing the rest away so Cody wouldn't know how much I ate. 

My eating may suck for a few days but I haven't fallen off the wagon. I'm taking small steps. Today, I woke up and said to myself- self, you're totally going to rock your eating today. 

...and I have.

I'm choosing to be happy and take small steps. Just because I've had a few bad meals doesn't mean it's over. It means that I just need to push a little harder, think a little more positively, and make better decisions. 

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Change Ain't Easy

Wow! I can't believe it's already July {my birthday month!}. If you are wanting to make 2013 your year, you've still got plenty of time. 

The key is doing something. I don't care if you start out walking for just 10 minutes and eating a better breakfast. Next week you can walk for 20 minutes and eat a healthy breakfast and dinner. Then, the next week, try to add a small jog in your walk {even if just for a minute} and eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small changes will help you make big changes over time. It's not going to happen overnight.

Speaking of changes, I just made a huge one {for me anyways}. I joined a regular gym. Why you ask?? With Cody having to close his store down and move to who knows where and also starting grad school, life has been tough. This means he works 10-11 hours a day then comes home, eats dinner, and does homework all night. Did I also mention he has a tri-athalon this month? He has to find time to run and bike too! Evie girl is not in Parent's Day Out and I've been keeping Bryson home from daycare a lot because he starts Kindergarten in the fall. We've been working on our Summer Bucket List.

CrossFit does not work with my schedule right now. As sad as that makes me, I'm not going to sit around and wait until the fall for life to slow down a little bit because it won't slow down. One of my bff's owns a small 24 hour gym that is 2 minutes from my house. I have no excuse not to go. Also, knowing that she can check the card reader to see if I'm actually going helps keep me motivated.

So, I got my babies tucked into bed last night, changed clothes, and headed for gym. Walking in for the first time was like walking into the box for the first time. I was nervous. In CrossFit, we don't really use half the stuff that is at a gym. I felt a little lost. 

I jumped on an elliptical for a 10 minute warm-up, did a few leg machines, and then did a 10 minute row to cool down. It wasn't much. I can still walk this morning. It was better than nothing but I'm going back tonight and I'm going to work a little harder. I like waking up sore. It means my muscles are growing. Yes, I want my muscles to grow. I promise you won't look like a man if you lift heavy.

What was the point of this post? I guess to get you inspired to make a change. I made a change. Now you make a change. That's how it works, right? Ha!

 Make one small change today.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Motivational-ish Tuesday

I have no motivation today. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Someone come push me out of this chair. I need to go for a jog, work on a wreath, clean for company tonight, and wash my greasy hair...Totally not feeling it. 

Maybe a few Pinterest pictures will motivate me...hopefully, you too, if you're needing it.

Ok, I'm getting up. If you see me on any sort of social media, call me out. Tell me to get my ass to work. See you lovelies tomorrow!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wasted...

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend. Oh, this weekend...I may have ended up a little wastey-faced on Saturday.

Homemade sangria and staw-ber-rita's by the pool will do that to a girl. 

We went to the ranch Saturday for a baby shower/family get-together. Cody's cousin's wife is having a baby in September. They live about 6 hours away, so we don't get to see them too often. We had a good time!

I posted on Instagram {shellynobelly} that I was super nervous because I had to be in a bathing suit. Well, it wasn't so bad. I survived and nobody gouged their eyes out. Cody kept reassuring me I looked great. Thank goodness for such a sweet husband! I'm thinking about posting a swimsuit pic right before we go to the beach in a few weeks...I dunno, still thinking on it...

My nephew decided to jump in the baby pool.

She was eventually trying to give the crawfish kisses...

I may have ate my weight in chocolate cake and hot dogs. Being in a bikini doesn't really stop this girl from eating...

While we were having a good time at the ranch, Little Man was on a road-trip with his dad. They went to Kansas City and St. Louis for baseball games. I think by the look on his face, they were having a good time!

I had to take Evie-girl to the doctor this morning. Something bit her and she had a reaction. We're thinking maybe a spider. Anyways, they gave her a steroid shot and some antibiotics. The rest of today will be a lazy day with us cuddled up watching movies. She is on-the-go constantly, so I'll take any snuggle time she's willing to give, ha!

Tonight, it's hot dogs, with nitrates {*gasp*} for supper. Tomorrow, it's back to eating good, wholesome foods. I'm not too worried.

Hope you have a great Monday!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Wedding

I'm linking up with Holly and Mel today. Who doesn't love to talk about their own wedding? I love me some weddings, so I'll be reading every one's stories. 

Cody and I got engaged after 7 months. We literally had family asking after the first month when we were going to get married. My grandma said "You better marry that boy. If you don't, I will." Awesome, grandma.

Here's all the lovely details: 
I wanted to get married in Vegas and he said I'd regret "not having a real wedding." I told him to hire a wedding planner because I wasn't planning it. I was told several times, I was the most relaxed bride ever. Even when there were tornado warnings and my drunk groom hadn't made it back to his parents house the night before the wedding, I was calm. I didn't really care too much about the way things looked. I could've walked down the aisle in a potato sack. I just wanted to marry that boy. 

Date: April 24

Location: Barron's on 5th. The wedding was outside on the front steps and the reception was an indoor/outdoor dance with about 250 of our favorite people boozing it up and dancing to Kimberly Kelly.

Bridal Party: We had 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen, 3 ushers, 2 ring bearer's, and 1 flower girl. 

Colors: Purple with silver accent. It was kind of a vintage feel. My mother-in-law wanted me to ride in on a horse and carriage. Not my style. I rode in, in my grandpa's Shelby Mustang. All the bouquets were wrapped with my grandma's lace wedding dress.

First Dance: I Thought I Loved You Then by Brad Paisley

Honeymoon: A week in Lake Tahoe. I wanted the beach. He wanted the mountains. We compromised and got the beach and the mountains. Although, I need a do-over because it was still freezing in May! It was gorgeous though. Lake Tahoe is one of our most favorite places in the world.

What Would I Change: Absolutely nothing. I'm not planning that shit.

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